Free printable abstract Wall Art Set

free printable abstract wall art set


When I sit down to plan the freebies that I’m designing for the coming month, there’s two things that I focus on:

1. It has to be something useful, inspirational and/or make your home look pretty

2. Variety – I like to offer different types of printables so my readers don’t get bored with seeing the same thing over and over again

So this week’s freebie falls into the ‘make your home look pretty’ category. I think it’s safe to say I’m slightly in love with abstract art. After inspirational wall art, it’s my favourite thing to display in my home. Abstract art really makes a room feel pretty and homely. I designed them using watercolour washes in pastel shades which give a real calming and peaceful feel to them so they’ll bring a zen vibe to your home too.

The set of three prints are 8×10″ in size which is one of the most readily available and affordable frame sizes. Just print them and pop them in frames… you can choose your favourite or display all three as a beautiful set. I personally think they’d look gorgeous in a bedroom or home office. Whatever you decide they’ll be sure to bring a sense of calm and peace to your home.

I need your help!

Later this year I’m planning to launch a whole range of abstract wall art in my shop, so I guess this is a bit like market research for me! I’d be so grateful if you’d give me any feedback on this type of wall art… like it or not keen? Want to see more or less? Leave me a comment or shoot me an email to with your comments… good or bad!


Have a great week…


Free printable abstract wall art set




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