This week’s freebie is an exclusive sample from my upcoming new product range of funny wall art. As much I love inspirational quotes and wise words, I also love a bit of humour on my walls and in my life. So I’ve designed a range of funny prints to bring… View Post

free inspirational watercolour desktop wallpapers Ever since the dawn of Pinterest I’ve collected quotes. Inspirational quotes, love quotes, happiness quotes, motivational quotes and quirky quotes. I love them all. I love them so much that I created a business based around inspirational quotes! I know I’m not the only one… View Post

April 2017 Planning bundle Today I’m feeling happy. More happy than usual. That’s because it’s my favourite day of the year – the Spring Equinox. That means that today the day and night are of equal length and from tomorrow the day is longer that the night. I love the… View Post