April 2017 Planning bundle Today I’m feeling happy. More happy than usual. That’s because it’s my favourite day of the year – the Spring Equinox. That means that today the day and night are of equal length and from tomorrow the day is longer that the night. I love the… View Post

FREE PRINTABLE ABSTRACT WALL ART SET When I sit down to plan the freebies that I’m designing for the coming month, there’s two things that I focus on: 1. It has to be something useful, inspirational and/or make your home look pretty 2. Variety – I like to offer different… View Post

FREE PRINTABLE BOOKS TO READ LIST Until recently I haven’t read consistently for a very long time. Like since my son was born 8 years ago! I’ve always been a book worm. For as long as I can remember I loved reading. I read almost every day. It was part… View Post

february 2017 planning bundle So we’re well into January and 2017 now and hasn’t it flown?! January is turning out to be a mega busy month for me. I was expecting a slow month with it being post-Christmas and everyone is penniless, but the shop has been really busy, and… View Post