Cleaning Checklist Template {Free printable}

free printable cleaning scheduleFree printable cleaning checklist template

I’ll let you into a little secret. I hate cleaning. Obviously I do it because I don’t like a dirty house! I think half my problem is that I’ve never had any kind of organisation to my chores. I just clean as and when needed with no structure to what I’m doing and when. But that leaves me feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

So I decided to get myself completely organised and designed this weekly cleaning checklist. I think it’s going to revolutionise my life! Well my home at least.

I’ve designed it as a template so it can fit into everyone’s life. There’s space for daily tasks – chores that need doing every day like making beds, doing the dishes or vacuuming. Thenthere’s a schedule for weekly tasks that just need doing once a week. This might be things like sweep and mop floors, dusting or washing bedding. There’s also a section for monthly tasks so you don’t forget those

I had the idea to laminate it so that I can tick my chores off with a non premanent marker then at the end of the week wipe everything off and start over again the following week.

For such a long time I thought about getting a cleaner. But it seems a luxury and expense that I just can’t justify at the moment. So this is my solution. I’ll let you know how I get on!


Have an amazing week…


free printable cleaning checklist template




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