December 2016 Printable Calendar (and my monthly goals)

free-printable-calendar-decelmer-2016It’s almost December so it’s time for your December 2016 printable calendar. How was your November? November turned out to be great for me. We had a fantastic bonfire night at a locally organised firework display. The next evening we had a family bonfire party at home where my Dad put on a little firework display for all the kids and they had fun with some sparklers. It’s turned a lot more wintery during November. We’ve had snow in the north of England! Yes it was only a covering which disappeared by the end of the day but it was freezing.

So on to another installment of my monthly goals. In case you’re new here, I set myself three goals each month with the intention of making small steps towards my bigger goals and my overall self-development. Take a look at my November goals for a little reminder.


Bullet Journal. I’ve done a full month in my Bujo and I absolutely love it. I don’t know what I’d do without it! It’s so much more than a calendar/journal though. I write EVERYTHING in it… webinar notes, new product ideas, Etsy shop listings, to-do lists. I sit down every Sunday evening and plan out my coming week which is really helping me to be more productive.

Meditate every day. My goal was to meditate every day through November and I failed quite miserably! I think I did about about 2 weeks then it all went a bit wrong. It may be that I was listening to the same guided meditation each day and got bored of it or that I was meditating at bedtime and just falling asleep. Neither are good excuses but at least I’ve learned that I need to vary the guded meditationa that I lisen to and not meditate when I’m so tired. I’m definitely going to keep trying.

Finish my Christmas Shopping.  I get a big tick for ths one! My shopping is all done and everything got wrapped yesterday afternoon. Now it’s all put away in a secret hiding place until Christmas eve. I’m so happy I’ve got this out of the way before December. I’m planning on writing all my Christmas cards this week to get that job ticked off too.


That heading should probably say December Goal as I’ve decided to just have one goal this month! In last week’s post I talked about how to avoid all the stress of the festive season and have a calm and peaceful December.

My goal for December is to be calm, stress-free and have fun.

Every December since I’ve had my children I’ve ended up feeling really stressed and frazzled. Christmas 2008 I was 38 weeks pregnant and hoping baby wouldn’t come too early (he didn’t, he waited till 6th January). Christmas 2010 I had a two week old baby girl and a 23 month old toddler to look after.  Looking back it was all a blur! So I’ve decided it’s going to be different this year and this is how I’m going to achieve my goal:

1 // Meditate. I know I’ve not been very consistent (see above!) but I’m going to keep at it as I know how beneficial it is for keeping my stress levels down.

2 // Affirmations. If you’re a BBD VIP (ie an subscriber!) you’ll know how much I love affirmations. I share a new one each week in my newsletter and I always get great feedback that people love them. I’ve written a new list of affirmations in my journal that I’m going to read aloud every day through December.

3 // Simplify. I’m keeping the obligations and events to a bare minimum. No over-filling my diary with unnecessary things to do. No trying to keep up with what others are doing. Just keeping every day life as simple as possible.

4 // Organisation. My beloved Bullet Journal is going to help me with this! I’ve got an exciting new product launching in December so everything has been planned down to the last detail in there. Also my diary and to-do list will be constantly updated and reviewed soIi don’t forget anything.


Scroll down to download your free December 2016 printable calendar.

free printable calendar december 2016

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