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free printable inspirational quote print enjoy-every-momentDo you enjoy every moment? To be honest I don’t think many of us do enjoy every moment of our lives. Life sometimes gets in the way. It’s all too easy to focus on the negative things in our lives and moments of joy go unnoticed or are quickly forgotten. It’s at times like these when it’s even more important to focus on the good things and cherish these moments.

I’ve recently been focusing on the abundance in my life with the goal of bringing even more abundance to me. One of the ways of doing this is to take more notice of the little moments of joy in my life and to really appreciated them. Each night I write in my journal something I’m grateful for that has happened that day or a ‘happy moment’ that made me fill with joy.

I’m also trying to instill gratitude and focussing on the good things into the lives of my son and daughter. Each night at bedtime I ask them what their ‘happy thing’ was for that day and I tell them my happy thing too. We’ve done this every single night for over a year and if I occasionally forget to ask them, they remind me! Their happy things are usually something like ‘playing with Belinda at school’ or ‘having chicken pie for dinner’. My happy things are along the lines of having a cuddles with them both or having my parents round for dinner. It’s habits like these that I’m hoping will teach them to focus on the good things in life and to be grateful for the ordinary moments.

Let’s make it our goal this week to try a little harder to notice all the happy little moments in our lives. Each evening ask yourself what your ‘happy thing’ was that day. Write it down in your journal or notebook. If we make this a routine, we’ll soon get into the habit of noticing more and more moments of joy.

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free printable inspirational quote print enjoy-every-moment





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