free printable July 2017 planner bundle - month planner, weekly planners, to-do list, goal planner, meal planner, habit tracker, shopping listsJuly 2017 Planning bundle

July is almost here which means three things.

1  //  We’re nearly half way through the year! How the hell did that happen? I think I blinked and missed the last 6 months. It only seems like yesterday that it was Christmas!

2  //  There’s still time to get the remainder of June planned to perfection –  download the June planning bundle and get yourself organised before we hit July.

3  //  It’s time for the July planning bundle!

As always you get all these planning essentials in the bundle:

  • Month planner
  • Habit tracker
  • Goal planner
  • Weekly planners for each week of July
  • Shopping lists x 4
  • Meal Planner
  • Master to-do list

They all feature a pretty watercolour wash header and on-trend font. I think the colours of this month’s design are my favourite so far this year.

Each month I like to give a few tips on one of the resources in the planning bundle. Last month I sang the praises of the habit tracker and this month it’s the turn of the goal planner.

free printable July 2017 planner bundle - month planner, weekly planners, to-do list, goal planner, meal planner, habit tracker, shopping lists n

Goals can be small meaningful changes that add up to something bigger over time or create a new habit that you’ve always wanted to achieve. For about two years I’ve been setting myself small monthly goals, nothing major, just little changes that I want to work towards. I’m all about taking baby steps when it comes to making changes and working on my self development.

When setting our goals for the month, it’s important to look at different areas of our lives. Psychologists recommend that we set goals for each different area of our life to ensure that we’re not just focussing on one area but are developing all areas of our life. Here are some ways we can define the areas of our lives:


These are goals you set to increase the value of your family life. Setting the goal to dedicate one night a week to date night with your spouse or setting aside time to have a family game night once a week are family oriented goals.


These are the goals we set to advance our careers. Setting a goal to start your own business or to get a promotion are examples of career goals.


These are the goals that relate to our finances. Examples of financial goals would include saving for something, clearing debts or earning a certain amount of money in a given time period.

Health & wellbeing

These are goals you set pertaining to your physical well being. Being physically fit and healthy is a very basic human need. The goal to exercise 3 times a week or to lose 10 pounds is an example of physical goals you set for yourself.


These are goals you set to expand your spirituality. Setting a goal to attend church once a week or to pray or meditate every day are examples of spiritual goals.


These are goals you set to expand your mind or expand your knowledge. One of our very basic human needs is to grow our intellect. It keeps us young and vital and it keeps us motivated. A goal to participate in continuing education classes or to study a foreign language could be examples of mental goals.

choose your goals

When setting my monthly goals I try to keep these different areas in mind and vary my goals. If you want, you can set a goal for each of the areas, however I like to set three goals. Three seems like less pressure and a bit more achievable. Some of my recent monthly goals have been to meditate every day (spiritual), exercise for 15 minutes every day (health & wellbeing) and to save money for my holiday (financial).

Extra tip!

It’s also a good idea to think of your ‘why’ when setting a goal. What’s your motivation and how will you feel when you’ve achieved it?

End of month review

If you don’t achieve one of your monthly goals… don’t beat yourself up about it! You can have a fresh start and try again in the coming month or decide to shelf it and have a break for a couple of months before trying again. More importantly focus on what you have achieved and don’t forget to give yourself a massive high five for achieving your goals!

Have a beautiful week…

free printable July 2017 planning bundle - to-do list, month planner, habit tracker, shopping lists, goal planner, weekly planners.










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