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free printable shopping list

Grocery shopping…. do you love it or hate it? I’m not a massive fan to be honest. In the past I’ve been very disorganised and either just turned up at Sainsbury’s and winged it or hastily scribbled a list on the back of an envelope!

The problem with this method was that I forgot things. Lots of things. So I’d either have to go back if it was something essential or just do without until the next shopping trip. Annoying!

About two years ago I decided to get myself organised. I started meal planning (meal planner sheet coming soon!) and writing a proper shopping list. It was a game changer. No more forgetting stuff and having the kids get mad with me. No more trips back tthe store for things I forgot.

Now it’s all well and good writing your list in a notebook or the back of an envelope, but if you’re anything like me (a sucker for pretty stationary) it’s nice to have something attractive to write your list on. So I thought I’d create my very own printable shopping list. It’s simple and straight forward. No frills but it does the job and looks quite lovely.

It’s A5 size and I made it so there’s 2 shopping lists per sheet to save you paper and printer ink! It comes in A4 size and US letter size… the download includes both.

free printable shopping list

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