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free printable inspirational quote for girlbosses, wake up and be happyAre you truly happy? Most people would answer no, not 100% of the time. One thing I’ve learned recently is that it’s not realistic to expect to be happy all the time. But life isn’t about being happy all the time, it’s about all the little moments of joy which add up to a happy life.

There are so many little things we can start doing right now to make big changes to our happiness levels. They’re not huge changes, just small shifts in our mindset but if we embed them in our everyday lives will help our happiness levels to soar.

Be grateful. Focus on all the amazing things in our lives and we’ll end up having more and more wonderful things to be grateful for.

Get out in nature. Taking a walk or going for a run is a great way to help you think things through, reflect on life and ground yourself.

Journal. Let your mind empty itself onto that blank page to leave space for lots of positivity and loveliness.

Meditate. The benefits of regular meditation are immense and it’s been scientifically proven to help with depression, anxiety and stress.

Give. Give your love, give your time or give to charity. But give without expecting anything in return and it will come back to you in ways you can’t imagine.

Don’t compare yourself to others. Social media is a huge culprit for making us compare ourselves to all those little people in our phone. Remember no one’s life is perfect so focus on loving your beautiful imperfect life.

Live in the present moment. The present moment is the only moment we have control over so let go of the past and the future, live in the now and decide make it amazing.

Just say no. Do you find yourself saying yes to everything then finding yourself so stretched that you feel like you’re going to snap? If something doesn’t make your life more lovely don’t do it.

Do what lights you up. If you love photography, take photos. If you love making things, get creative. If you love cuddles, hug someone. If you love dancing, get moving!

Self-care. You can’t look after anyone else, if you don’t look after yourself first. So make time for yourself and do something that makes you happy.

So give my tips a go and see how your life changes. Plus don’t forget to download this week’s free printable for a little extra happiness inspiration… while making the walls of your home or office look exceptionally pretty!

free printable inspirational quote for girlbosses, wake up and be happy

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